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Recent publications (2000-2011):

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  5. 5.Trancikova A, Weisova P, Kissova I, Zeman I & Kolarov J (2004) Production of reactive oxygen species and loss of viability in yeast mitochondrial mutants: protective effect of Bcl-xL. FEMS Yeast Research 5: 149-156

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  7. 7.Poliakova D, Sokolikova B, Kolarov J & Sabova L (2002) The antiapoptotic protein Bcl-x(L) prevents the cytotoxic effect of Bax, but not Bax-induced formation of reactive oxygen species, in Kluyveromyces lactis. Microbiology 148: 2789-2795

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  10. 10.Kissova I, Polcic P, Kempna P, Zeman I, Sabova L & Kolarov J (2000) The cytotoxic action of Bax on yeast cells does not require mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier but may be related to its import to the mitochondria. FEBS Letters 471: 113-118

Prof. Jordan Kolarov is at the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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