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  1. Research interests:

  2. biology and evolution of telomeres

  3. metabolism of phenolic compounds in yeasts

  4. molecular biology and genetics of non-conventional yeast species

  5. morphogenesis of eukaryotic cells

  6. organelle biogenesis and inheritance

  7. organelle genomics

  8. structure of mitochondrial nucleoids


Recent publications (2017-2020):

  1. Vozáriková, V., Kunová, N., Bauer, J.A., Frankovský, J., Kotrasová, V., Procházková, K., Džugasová, V., Kutejová, E., Pevala, V., Nosek, J., & Tomáška, Ľ. (2020) Mitochondrial HMG-box containing proteins: From biochemical properties to the roles in human diseases. Biomolecules 10:1193.

  2. Juríková, K., Gajarský, M., Hajikazemi, M., Nosek, J., Procházková, K., Paeschke, K., Trantírek, L., and Tomáška, Ľ. (2020) Role of folding kinetics of secondary structures in telomeric G-overhangs in the regulation of telomere maintenance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Biological Chemistry 295(27): 8958–8971.

  3. Tomáška, Ľ. & Nosek, J. (2020) Co-evolution in the Jungle: From Leafcutter Ant Colonies to Chromosomal Ends. Journal of Molecular Evolution 88: 293-318.

  4. Hodorová, V., Lichancová, H., Zubenko, S., Sienkiewicz, K., Penir, S.M.U., Afanasyev, P., Boceck, D., Bonnin, S., Hakobyan, S., Smyczynska, U., Zhivkoplias, E., Zlatohurska, M., Tralle, E., Frolova, A., Pryszcz, L.P., Brejová, B., Vinař, T., & Nosek, J. (2019) Genome Sequence of the Yeast Saprochaete ingens CBS 517.90. Microbiology Resource Announcements 8(50): e01366-19.

  5. Červenák, F., Juríková, K., Devillers, H., Kaffe, B., Khatib, A., Bonnell, E., Sopkovičová, M., Wellinger, R.J., Nosek, J., Tzfati, Y., Neuvéglise, C. & Tomáška, Ľ. (2019) Identification of telomerase RNAs in species of the Yarrowia clade provides insights into the co-evolution of telomerase, telomeric repeats and telomere-binding proteins. Scientific Reports 9: article no. 13365.

  6. Tomáška, Ľ., Nosek, J., Kar, A., Willcox, S. & Griffith, J.D. (2019) A new view of the t-loop junction: implications for self-primed telomere extension, expansion of disease-related nucleotide repeat blocks, and telomere evolution. Frontiers in Genetics 10: article no. 792.

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  9. Tóth, R., Nosek, J., Mora-Montes, H.M., Gabaldón, T., Bliss, J.M., Nosanchuk, J.D., Turner, S.A., Butler, G., Vágvölgyi, C. & Gácser, A. (2019) Candida parapsilosis: from genes to the bedside. Clinical Microbiology Reviews 32(2): e00111-18.

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  11. Brejová, B., Lichancová, H., Brázdovič, F., Hegedűsová, E., Forgáčová Jakúbková, M., Hodorová, V., Džugasová, V., Baláž, A., Zeiselová, L., Cillingová, A., Neboháčová, M., Raclavský, V., Tomáška, Ľ., Lang, B.F., Vinař, T. & Nosek, J. (2019) Genome sequence of the opportunistic human pathogen Magnusiomyces capitatus. Current Genetics 65: 539-560.

  12. Tomáška, Ľ. & Nosek, J. (2018) Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Cover Letter to Accompany a Job Application for an Academic Position. PLOS Computational Biology 14: e1006132.

  13. Cillingová, A., Zeman, I., Tóth, R., Neboháčová, M., Dunčková, I., Hölcová, M., Jakúbková, M., Gérecová, G., Pryszcz, L.P., Tomáška, Ľ., Gabaldón, T., Gácser, A. & Nosek, J. (2017) Eukaryotic transporters for hydroxyderivatives of benzoic acid. Scientific Reports 7: 8998.

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  15. Červenák, F., Juríková, K., Sepšiová, R., Neboháčová, M., Nosek, J. & Tomáška, Ľ. (2017) Double-stranded telomeric DNA binding proteins:  Diversity matters. Cell Cycle 16: 1568-1577.

Prof. Jozef Nosek is at the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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